from DXpedition to Palestine

Cass award for E44WE -2019

QSL were sent out

On 2nd October 2019 I mailed OQRS/direct requests received before 29th September. Please allow few weeks for post to be delivered. The reason for little delay was my operation from EX0QP in September.








Final upload

Today I finished  manual entering QSO missed in Fox/Hound mode. 




Antenna modification

 I modified 30m antenna. Instead of 40m it is now working on 40m. Last days of operation will be dedicated to 40m operation.



Stairway to heaven


Two element yagi for 6m. Mast made of stick from the brush, wire elements placed on fishing rods....


Time for 80m

Today, 20th July 2019, I changed antenna configuration. 6m and 10m antennas were removed and on the same mast I mounted Inverted L with elevated radials. All work took me most of Saturday but I hope results will show that it was worth.

I checked new Inverted L antenna and it can tune on 10m and probably 12m with SWR about 1:1.95. It will allow to make sporadic Es contacts with Europe.

80m Inverted L mounted over the church roof





Bug in FT8

There is a programming bug in FT8 Fox/Hound mode. The program is not logging every 3rd - 4th QSO. I will check  missing QSOs in the log when at home in August.






My setup

Below you can see my present antennas: 2 el for 6m, VDA for 20m and vertical for 30m and hotel patio.




E44WE - 4th time in the air


I plan to operate 80m, 30m, 20m and 6m, begining from 6th July 2019 as below:

Band       FT8 - F/H mode or RTTY             SSB

80m                  3569 kHz                                                 last 2 weeks of operation

30m                10145 kHz

20m                14095 kHz                        14270 kHz or 14195 kHz

10m                28095 kHz                        28420 kHz

 6m                 50317 kHz                        50124 kHz       first 2 weeks of operation


Welcome to Beit Jala (Bethlehem)














Nice addition

E44WE award CQ WW SSB Contest

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